Cluster Initiative in Action

Work on the development of the Ukrainian Logistic Alliance’s Initiative on the formation of the Logistics Cluster is underway. For expanding business contacts with European clusters and sharing experiences in cluster management, the 5PL cluster operator team visited the Baltic cluster Forum, which was held in Vilnius on May 15-16, 2018.

During the visit of the Baltic cluster Forum a presentation of the Logistics cluster for European clusters was held, during which Andriy Blindaruk focused on the main activities of cluster logistics companies and cluster cooperation tasks. The TTN-Ukraine coordinator, Elena Fesenko, in her report at the Baltic cluster Forum also noted the Logistics Cluster as one of the largest clusters in Ukraine.

In order to form the interconnections between clusters, exchange of information, experience and implementation of joint projects as the results of negotiations The intercluster Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Logistic Cluster (Ukraine), the Lithuanian Cluster LAuGEA and the Latvian Cluster LETERA, which will be aimed at creating a platform for cluster co-operation which will cover Eastern and Central Europe.

Also, the Logistics Cluster is currently negotiating the prospect of intercluster interaction between Ukrainian clusters.

Within the framework of the Baltic Cluster Forum, the representatives of the Logistic cluster, including Andriy Blindaruk and Olena Palivoda, also took part in the training “Identification of the cluster”. The training was conducted by Bianca Dragomir, the director of the AVAESEN Cluster, who was recognized by the European Commission in 2017 as the best cluster manager in Europe.

Stay tuned and keep up with the following developments.

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